Shree Anand Nathay Minerals Pvt Ltd

Company Profile

We cater to end users manufacturing such as, Ferro alloy, paint industries and engineered stones. There are many different varieties of quartz, several of which are semi-glassy, milky quartz, pink quartz have been the most commonly used in the making of engineered stone. Our Team Having behavior and relationships with colleagues Special honors should be displayed for special people and trainees. Essentially an example should be presented without harming it to maintain the trend of its business. Our company can meet international requirements with competitive price and quality services. We believe in best customer service and long term relationship with our buyers. We are happy to provide you best support as much as we can to make easier for them The combination of retaining the good employees and ensuring increased productivity will have a direct positive impact on the overall company image. This also impacts the bottom line numbers as happy employees tend to be more productive. Productive employees then result in better work quality and the subsequently, the entire organization benefits. Now our Team Expert and specialized knowledge in Quality Quartz field that people use on professionalism We have our own quartz mines for specific quality as per customer need which make different from others.


Our Founder

Mr. Ishwar Yogi the founder of company, they believe in working hard and truthfully in life and honestly going to take everyone together policy. Having 20 years experience of transport line move stepped into Minerals industries. They have Reasonably Ethics and Motivation of Work Having a positive attitude towards business, interest and desire to properly accomplish a task are an important element of achieving high-level professionalism.


Director Mr.Rameshwar Yogi

After completing his MBA Mr. Rameshwar Yogi Joining Shree Anand Nathay family business to move forwards to new heights with directed minerals processing policy in quality minerals. Sets the establishment of standard performance of successful and he Leverage knowledge, experience, efficient sourcing and delivery of quality minerals to our customers.


Director Mr. Raju Yogi

He is Managing the process of Production with effective planning and regulating the operations of that section of an enterprise which is responsible for the actual transformation of materials into finished products and determine the production process for transforming the input factors into output of goods and services.